October 03,2017
HEAD TREKS: Complicating Simplicity

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HEAD TREKS: Complicating Simplicity

A recent newspaper article by a learned academic (pun intended) dwelt on the concept of “middle class” in Canada and probed the apparent growing separation of such into an “upper” minority and what amounted to a fading but growing “lower” variety.

Employing a plethora of statistical data, the article’s intent appeared to be to locate the new “centre” of the middle class under a trend whereby growth of income in the upper middle class has exceeded that of both the lower middle class and the very rich “one percenters.” The premise of the article, aside from tax considerations, appears to have been that what was normally a unified middle class is under separation and that the majority of that class are falling farther and farther behind their upper middle class cousins.

Nowhere were any explanations proffered to explain this growing trend of income inequality although the author states that “there’s more to this story” and promises to explore the subject in the future.

Indeed a subsequent article spent many words linking the designation of “middle class”, and in particular the “upper middle class” socio-economic status, to it all coming down to “income.” Wow! Who could have known?

In the meantime, here are the offerings of a much less learned non-academic senior citizen, but one who has spent considerable time in the real world. Admitting that the title of this muse might be slightly misleading in that the simplicity noted may be more complicated than inferred, there is nonetheless a very basic concept to explain the trend to lower general income growth in Canada and the fading of what once was a solid middle class that did not require separate sub-divisions within it.

To pursue this essay in much more extensive and readable form, access the “BUT I DIGRESS” link noted in the “LINKS” section of this website.

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