June 03,2016


“Art is never finished, only abandoned”

Leonardo Da Vinci

How easily lost is that which may have taken considerable time and effort to achieve.

So too is the sometimes inclination of human nature to delude one’s self that the absence of practice, exploration, and consistent effort somehow precludes any loss of prevailing ability, and that the latter can instantly be regained without the pain of starting over from a significantly lower level than was the case when an effort was last undertaken sometime in the past.

Thus, after a year’s absence from painting was I initially surprised and disappointed at the embarrassing results of my initial, futile efforts to instantly regain whatever skills I had in the creation of art and that I had left behind that year ago.

With many paintings behind me, it was as though I had never produced even one such. Reflection of course swiftly reversed any delusions I had that that which had been abandoned could somehow magically be regained without the pain of relearning, renewed dedication and effort.

Thus will soon begin to appear in the “New Art” section of my website, the initial results of a return to the practice of painting in the manner of modern Impressionism.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain.

So be it!

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