March 25,2022


“Time flies” as it is said, but if so, it may have been the only entity that has graced our skies over the past two years. And you can probably ignore the suffix about “when you are having fun.”

Yes, I know. It has been some time since any literacy of potential merit has graced this blog. The presentation of new art has also lagged rhythm, but despite this vacuum, not all has been in vain.

My seventh book is on the brink of being published next month. The work to compose it has engaged most of my mental efforts over the past 12 months or so.

I like to think that composing a book encompasses similarities to creating a painting. Both efforts entail generating the seed of an idea, followed by compositional thought and planning, then the demands of the practical application of brush or pen to embody that foregoing skeletal idea and mental framework; all the while striving for success thereof, but risking failure. Each nascence demands critical evaluation, both emotional and arms-length, with a result that begs the question of whether to let the initial creation rest, to edit or redo as a “second coat”, or to completely dispose of with little or no regret.

So too can happen that the seed that rooted the flowering of an initial idea becomes altered in favour of a mutated concept that changes the compositional framework of intent by the artist/writer.

In the end, while it may mainly rest with the public to appraise a composition rather than it being done by its creator, history has also shown that initial rejection can ultimately succumb to the recognition of excellence after thought and contemplation have superseded impetuous first rejection.

At any rate, over the next month, I will make available my book entitled “The Rock Of Rages.” Noted on the home page herein is a summary of the book’s core plot as it pertains to the reality that exists today in my home country of Canada.


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