October 23,2020

“BUT I DIGRESS“ consists of random thoughts, observations, philosophies and sometimes just plain rants. From time to time these thoughts are also summarized under the heading “IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN: QUESTIONS I CANNOT PRESENTLY ANSWER.”


Yes, I know! Virtually nothing has been posted on my website over the past months.

Unfortunately, I guess I am not much of a multi tasker, given that no new art deemed worthy of display has been created and posted since earlier in the year.

The principal reason for this is that I have been steadily working to finish writing my sixth book. Now in an editing stage, I hope to have it in print by late November, after which the latent desire to paint will be once more be put into practice.

In the meantime, stay tuned for the publication of “When Green Bleeds Red”, a novel in which “being green with envy can lead to bloody red consequences; when rational environmentalism is overwhelmed by the blindness of narcissism, jealousy, and the viridescence of money. The upshot can include returning organic matter to the environment in the form of bodies!”

Posted by Ian Semple at 12:00


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