October 23,2017
A Reflection On Addition & Subtraction

“BUT I DIGRESS“ consists of “HEAD TREKS” that represent the conversion of random thoughts, sometimes as “QUICK TREKS”, observations, philosophies and rants into a form of modern cursive expression better known as computer keyboarding. From time to time these thoughts are also summarized under the heading “IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN: QUESTIONS I CANNOT PRESENTLY ANSWER.”

HEAD TREKS: A Reflection On Addition & Subtraction

It is October 23, 2017 and today a couple became first time parents and with that some friends of ours grandparents.

Today also however, a friend of ours became a widow.

Today a child is born and a friend lost.

Today at birth, a new life is created on the same day that death extinguishes a full other one.

Today there is joy on the one hand and grief on the other.

Today a new heart beats while a mature one is silenced.

Such are the competing factions of happiness and sorrow.

Such are the emotional struggles when they must be simultaneous.

Such are the components of addition and subtraction that define the realities of life cycles.

Such are the ingredients of reflection.

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